Our first labrador came to us in 1979 and the first labrador litter was bred under the prefix Eatons in 1985.

This newspaper is from October 1983, his name was Deras Eaton. He won Best in Show at the Spaniel & Retriever Club’s championship show under the late Mrs Marianne Fürst Danielsson in Falun. As beeing 15 years old this was a huge experience for me. Later on we choosed our kennel prefix ‘Eatons’ from him.

American Cocker Spaniels joined our family in year 2001 and the first litter was bred in 2006.

This is our first Cocker. A fantastic companion and a true American cocker Spaniel in every way.
IntCh, SweCh, FinCh, DKCh, NordicCh Charles Dickens Eggstra Eatoner

This page will soon be completed with the full story about us and the dogs. Hopefully with some photos as well.

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    1. Hej Christina! Ledsen för sent svar. Har inte sett/fått indikation på fråga till webbplatsen förrän nu. Tyärr kommer vi inte ha labradorvalpar i år. Lycka till med att hitta valp. Vänliga hälsningar Anna


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