I have had dogs around me all my life. In early years walking neighbours dogs and until I finally got my own first labrador at 11. It was to be a life long relationship with dogs and labradors. My interest for American Cocker Spaniel started in mid 90’s when I got to learn about the breed from Mrs Leila Axelsson, Alheim’s Cockers. In year 2001 the first cocker joined. The first labrador litter was bred under the prefix Eatons in 1985

This newspaper is from October 1983, his name was Deras Eaton. He won Best in Show at the Spaniel & Retriever Club’s championship show under the late Mrs Marianne Fürst Danielsson in Falun. As beeing 15 years old this was a huge experience for me. Later on we choosed our kennel prefix ‘Eatons’ from him.

American Cocker Spaniels joined our family in year 2001 and the first litter was bred in 2006.

This is our first Cocker. A fantastic companion and a true American cocker Spaniel in every way.
IntCh, SweCh, FinCh, DKCh, NordicCh Charles Dickens Eggstra Eatoner